Magnificent Mix and Match Patterns

 Magnificent Mix and Match Patterns

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One of an interior designer’s ultimate weapons to create the perfect room for a client is the ability to mix and match patterns. By filling a room with a ‘busy’ scheme you can freshen up the look, or just give a different look to an old space. It takes skill to successfully create a room with a plethora of colour and designs. It is all too easy to do it terribly wrong, but it is a skill that can be learned and replicated.

Like most schemes an interior designer creates, there are rules to be followed. By understanding and applying these rules to your decorating, you will give a professional finish to one of the hardest looks to create. It won’t be too hard to master, but will give your space that ‘to die for’ feel.

The 60/30/10 rule

This is a hard and fast rule for success. Choose one fabric and use it 60% of the time, a second fabric 30% of the time and a third fabric for the remaining 10%. The key thing is to make sure that all the material you choose is coordinating. This is becoming and easier effect to achieve as many upholstery and drapery fabric comes in a pre-matched range, so you can browse the range and know that they are designed to automatically coordinate.

Use this rule for any solid fabrics you plan to use, choosing solids that complement the colours in your main fabrics.


If you have one fabric you love and want to match it to other patterns, choose a colour then repeat it in the other designs you choose. Look for colours that are downplayed in the original piece and bring them to life in the other material you choose. Don’t be afraid of repeating the same pattern around the room, like a plaid or stripe, even if the colour or scale is different.

Sample Samples

Many designers use ‘inspiration boards’ to test the ideas they have for a design, which can be complicated or simple, but you can create the same ideas by taking home samples and seeing how they ‘fit’ your room. For instance, a large pattern may be too big for a pillow, or a complicated pattern get lost in the folds of drapery, which all change the way patterns work together.

If you are unsure whether a scheme will work, get as many samples as you can (consider buying a small piece of fabric instead of making a costly mistake) and move them around at home to decide if it will work for you.

Think outside the box – literally!

Mixing and matching patterns is a great way to express your individuality in interior design, but why stick to just mixing and matching curtains and drapery? By picking up the pattern in a design you can repeat this round a room. If one of the patterns in your custom drapes is a criss-cross orientation, why not choose an end table or chair with a criss-crossed base? Or bookcases based on the same design?

It is this level of detail that will transform and ordinary room into an interior designed room.

Size matters

You may not decide to go for coordinating fabrics, instead opting to match patterns instead. A bedspread with a large, floral medallion design can be echoed in blinds with a spiral pattern of a similar colour, coupled with drapes of a small dot. The fact that all the patterns are the same, or similar colours and shapes, will draw the design together, giving it an artistic cohesion.

Wallpaper Design Calgary

Walls that talk

One aspect of mixing patterns that may be overlooked is the walls. Wallpaper is a fantastic way of introducing patterns, colour and setting a baseline for scale. It’s often easier to pick the wallpaper first, then match everything to that, then try and find one the fits your upholstery fabric choice after it has been made.

The reason for this is that the wallpaper needs a scale all of its own. It doesn’t matter if the pattern on the walls is the largest, smallest or medium sized scale of your design, but it does matter that none of your fabrics match it. If you have the same scale on the walls and couch for instance, it will make the room feel like it is closing in and may overwhelm the whole design.

Be discreet

When you think about mixing patterns in a room, it usually conjures up a very busy palette, with an eclectic atmosphere, but it doesn’t have to. If you’re not sure you want to dive into full colour or distinct designs, try mixing tone-on-tone for a subtle look. By choosing the same colour design on a drapery fabric, sometimes called a self-colour, you can use texture as a way to create the same look.

Try a couch with textured cushions or pillows that are all the same colour, or very slight tonal variation, to see how it works for you. You can always branch out from there.

Make a rest!

If you have a room that is a carefully orchestrated, cacophony of colour, make sure you integrate areas of solids. In a ‘busy’ room, the eyes need a place to rest to be able to process the finesse and cohesion of the design, so provide one!

Think about neutral walls or solid coloured custom bedding as somewhere the eyes can pause, before moving on, otherwise you run the risk of making the room very ‘loud’.

The one aspect of mixing patterns that attracts most designers to use them is that it can be tremendous fun. Taking a new look at patterns and taking away the usual restrictions can give an artistic freedom not allowed by anything else.

Now you know all the tips – it’s your turn to try it!

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All you ever needed to know about wallpaper

All you ever needed to know about wallpaper

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Wallpaper seems to go in and out of fashion pretty regularly, but it’s hard to see why. There are so many gorgeous designs making it easy to create the perfect look for your home and to bring about a fresh look that you never had before. Wallpaper is a win-win in nearly all directions, so we thought we’d tell you all you ever needed to know about wallpaper and why it’s a serious contender for your next interior design project.

Why have wallpaper?


From the beginning of time decorating walls has been a cultural norm. From the cave paintings of prehistoric times to the ultra-modern, height-defying skyscrapers of the ‘right now’, walls have been beautified by drawings and designs. In the practicalities of the 18th-century, wallpaper was cloth or material hanging to insulate a room, but right now, the wallpapers of today can be functional and beautiful.

Wallpaper is an easy way to beautify your home, and there has never been such a huge choice as there is available at the moment. There is also a wallpaper for every application; some are designed for greasy kitchens, some for hot, steamy bathrooms, some for high traffic areas like hallways, some to recover from sticky little hands or to simply beautify your room. Nowadays wallpaper can be durable, easy to keep, yet individual and expressive. There are even wallpapers that mimic ceramic tiles, but are a lot easier to install – and a heck of a lot cheaper too. If you haven’t considered wallpaper, then you need to.

Which wallpaper should I use?


There are no hard and fast rules about using a particular wallpaper for a particular room, but it will depend on the longevity of the look. Always select the right type of paper for the right room if you can, and with the choice of papers available you should be able to get the exact look you want.

The design you choose will be affected by the amount of light in a room, the other fittings you already have and the colour of those fixtures. If you have a wood floor, for instance, the colour of the wood may change the overall appearance of the wallpaper when on the wall, which may make it not as appealing, so always make sure you have made a plan for the whole scheme before you commit to one paper.

Use it for camouflage


Wallpaper may not be your first choice in your interior design, but if you have a house with damaged or rough walls textured wallpaper should be your first choice.

Textured wallpapers are thicker and can hide any imperfections in a wall. Construction is not a fool proof industry, and not all walls are as straight as they should be over time, add to that the fact that they can also get damaged, a textured wallpaper can bring them back to looking fabulous with very little outlay.

Some textures are designed to be painted if you don’t want a self-pattern, then you can still have the room colour you want over interesting walls that don’t highlight any of its imperfections.




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Wallpaper is different from every other decorating technique, so here are a few tips to remember next time you redecorate:

  • Buy the best wallpaper you can afford. It may be tempting to economize on the cost of everything to get ‘a bargain’, but when wallpaper is concerned, it’s better to wallpaper less than buy cheap. The quality of the paper you choose will be compromised to cut costs, which means that it will not look as nice for as long, and will also be much harder to hang. Only paper one accent wall, rather than a whole room, if your chosen paper doesn’t fit your budget.
  • Consider the whole look of the room. If you are used to plain walls then wallpaper can be a big change. Think about the permanent fixtures in the room and how they will be affected by the change. Take a bit of time to find the wallpaper you really want as you will be living with it for a while.
  • Consider the use of lining paper if your walls are rough and you have chosen a thin paper. It will give a better finish, as will priming the walls before you hang either. Lining paper is exactly what it says it is – a thin, plain paper that you can paint, or paper, over.
  • Seriously consider having your paper hung by a professional. Here at Normandeau Window Coverings, we have a team of expert decorators that hang our paper as it is a delicate job. Well-laid wallpaper looks fantastic, so don’t risk unsightly mistakes and ask for our team to make it perfect.

We have a great range of wallpaper which we love, and knowledgeable professionals that can help you make the right choice of interior decor that will make you smile whenever you see it.

Love your room – love Normandeau.

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Contemporary Wallpaper: Modern Style, Modern Ease

Contemporary Wallpaper: Modern Style, Modern Ease

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Contemporary Wallpaper: Modern Style, Modern Ease


While wallpaper seems old-fashioned to most, evoking thoughts of dreary Victorian drawing rooms and goopy, messy glue. However, contemporary wallpaper is firmly lodged in the present, with convenient installation and many thousands of styles to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Let’s look at some of your options.



There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to contemporary wallpaper. Metallic, 3D, vinyl, paper, fabric, chevron, floral – it can be dizzying just to decide what you’re looking for!

The most important thing to consider when it comes to wallpaper is the width of the roll. This will help you figure out how many rolls you will need. Consulting with a professional paper hanger will help you figure out how much you’ll need. Most wallpapers fall into two categories – American, or English. English paper tends to be a little narrower.

A big trend right now is metallic wallpaper because it adds sheen and light to a room. Use lamps, task lighting, or overhead lighting like a decorative chandelier to really add pop and depth. This is particularly helpful in smaller rooms, or even closets, where it can help add light to an area that isn’t always well-lit.

Natural contemporary wallpaper is an interesting choice for the homeowner who wants to play with textures rather than color. This is a great choice for hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Something like grass cloth, paperweave, and silk wall coverings are great textured options. Keep in mind that if you want to hire a professional paper hanger, many charge much higher rates to install these kinds of papers rather than the printed kind because they require so much more precision to look natural.



There are several different application styles to choose from for contemporary wallpaper. There’s the traditional method, in which adhesive is rolled onto the back of the paper. Then there are two alternate methods. In one, the adhesive is rolled onto the wall, and then the paper is attached. Some wallpapers are made to be dipped in water and soaked before applying to the wall, which activates the adhesive.

The easiest way to install wallpaper is to hire a professional to do it. While it may seem expensive, especially considering the price of the paper, it will save you lots of time and the hassle of carefully matching up patterns and applying adhesive. Professional wallpaper installation will cost you, but the expertise you will find can’t be beat.

Removing wallpaper is a whole other game. While not difficult, it can be labor intensive. If you need to remove ugly old wallpaper to update it with contemporary stuff, here’s what to do:

Lay  drop cloths over the floor to make cleanup easier. You will need a scraper. Remove the plates from your outlets, and disconnect power to the room. You can buy either wallpaper adhesive solvents or just use a mix of water and either fabric softener or dish washing detergent. Use a wallpaper scorer to create small holes in the paper for the solution to sink into. Spray the solution on evenly. Let it soak in, then begin peeling off paper starting at the bottom of the wall moving to the top. Use the scraper to make peeling it off easier. Have a friend help, the job goes much faster when there’s more than one person doing it.



Ultimately, your choice of contemporary wallpaper should be made by taking stock of your expectations from your paper, and the kind of lifestyle you have. Do you have a family? Will your wallpaper need to withstand abuse from children and pets? How much are you willing to spend for quality contemporary wallpaper?

Many people think of wallpaper as finicky and difficult to take care of, but there are different kinds of contemporary wallpaper with different care needs. Some wallpapers can easily be scrubbed, some can be washed with a mild soap, and some can just be spot cleaned. Read the instructions on the roll in order to find out the care your paper will need.

How Do I Choose?


Contemporary Wallpaper Calgary

Because contemporary wallpaper can be an investment, it’s important to purchase paper you will love for a long time. This isn’t such a big deal if you’re just looking to decorate an accent wall, but a whole room is really going to be a long-term project. At Normandeau Window Coverings we sell wallpaper, but the more interesting or unusual the pattern, or the more exotic the material, the more complex it can be.

With these tips, finding a contemporary wallpaper you love will be easy. Choose a pattern that is livable and versatile, follow the care instructions, and consider your lifestyle before making a choice, and you can be confident that you will have made a great investment for your home.

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How to Find the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

How to Find the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

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How to Find the Right Wallpaper for Your Home


Wallpaper is a great design element that is sadly overlooked by most homeowners and renters. Wallpaper can be a great way to make a temporary change to an apartment or rented home. Permanent wallpapers can enhance a home and make it feel truly unique and special. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from that it can seem dizzying.

However, few people take a trip to the wallpaper store when considering decorating their homes. Because wallpaper seems so old-fashioned, and because it is a little – or sometimes a lot – more expensive than paint, wallpaper seems impractical to most. But wallpaper has come into its own in the last few years. There are countless styles and types of wallpaper to choose from, and both an online and brick-and-mortar wallpaper store are convenient.

Before investing the time and effort of heading down to the wallpaper store, it’s important to set out exactly what you want. Do you want a floral design or some great 3D texture? Do you have children, and therefore need a wallpaper that can be scrubbed and cleaned? Or are you just looking to decorate an accent wall in a hallway or bedroom? How much square footage do you need? These are such important questions and you need to think about the answers before you even start pricing paper.

Right now, metallic wallpaper is super popular at nearly every wallpaper store. It’s a great way to add light and sparkle to areas like hallways, small bathrooms, and closets. Huge floral patterns are great for big rooms, and there are lots of options for children’s wallpapers. If you are choosing a wallpaper for an accent wall, make sure it matches the paint you already have or get new paint so that all the walls are complementary. Wallpaper shopping is a great time to do a little accessory shopping to tie the whole room together.

There are also many different styles of wall coverings to consider. Grass cloth is a popular option, as it adds subtle texture and soft color to a classic, neutral room. There’s also burlap for a great rustic look, as well as cork, chenille, silk, and jute blends

You also should consider professional installation. Many wallpapers these days are just peel-and-stick and are easily applied, but a professional will have no trouble installing any kind of wallpaper you like. Plus, even the peel-and-stick type requires a certain amount of finesse to apply. You’re dealing with huge sheets of super sticky paper that can tear, or stick to you, your ladder, or an unsuspecting pet. Some wall coverings, like grass cloth, require extra work and therefore installers may charge more to hang these, upwards of 30% more. However, because these materials are so tricky to apply, you definitely don’t want to do it yourself.  Make sure you find a good, reputable professional wallpaper installer before hiring them to do the job, because if they mess up, it’s a pretty big chunk of change to replace paper and fix the issue.

Most home décor and DIY stores sell wallpaper, but your best bet is usually going to be online at any store, where you can find out if they have it in store or if it must be ordered online. It can be hard to choose from so many brands and retailers. Look for quality Kravet products.

Kravet Incorporated is a leading brand in wallpaper stores and fabric designs. They have a massive selection of wallpapers available from retailers, and from their website for the trade. They also have fabrics and home furnishings available for purchase to go with their great wall coverings.

Kravet Inc. was founded by Samuel Kravet in 1918 and has been a family affair ever since, owned by 5 generations of Kravet family members. For 98 years they’ve been the height of sophistication and elegance. They own several subsidiary companies. The first, GP&J Baker, a UK company that happens to own the largest privately-owned archive of decorative textiles and patterns in the world. Brunschwig & Fils, a French company, is also another one of their holdings. This company specializes in fabric and textile production.


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While Kravet showrooms are only in the US, that doesn’t mean that Kravet products are out of your reach. Kravet products are available at your local Normandeau Window Coverings store. With a huge variety of wallpapers, they’re sure to help you find just the right product for your home.

Using these tips and advice, it should be easy for you to find just the right Kravet wallpaper for your home at your nearest wallpaper store or online. Look for the best installers in your area, and make sure you order samples of paper to make sure you’re completely in love with them. Good luck in your home décor journey!

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Contemporary Wallpapers

Contemporary Wallpapers

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Wallpapers are getting very popular these days as they are one of the most convenient ways to add elegance and grace to the walls of your room. They are available in a variety of designs and patterns and can also be purchased from your local Normandeau Window Covering store. Today everybody believes that wall coverings are one of the best and easiest ways to add charm and interest to rooms and walls. Many people who are planning to redecorate their homes really get surprised with the fact that wallpapers not only differ from each other in terms of color and appearance but they are also made up of different materials that require different techniques to install. However, selecting wallpapers that are appropriate for your walls is likely to be the most difficult part of the whole process.

Not only color, style, or design but the material of wallpapers also matters a lot, therefore it is necessary to spend time selecting appropriate wallpapers for your home. There are many types of wallpapers that are available such as common wallpapers, vinyl wallpapers, foil wallpapers, flock wallpapers, etc. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss features of one of the most commonly used contemporary wallpapers, as they are accepted by a large number of designers due to their charming look. With a great variety of textures, colors, and patterns, contemporary wallpapers can add personality and dimension to your space.

Contemporary wallpapers are in high demand in the market because they are capable of increasing the attractiveness of your room. Contemporary wallpapers are best suited for adding new flavor to an old room. They can also dictate many decisions which are made for home decor purchases, therefore it is necessary to select them carefully. With the wide variety of contemporary wallpapers, you should choose something that reflects your personality and the environment of your home. Contemporary wallpapers are used to add design accents, color, and of course patterns to any room.



Wallpaper Installation Calgary



As huge variety is available in the market to suit the needs and desires of different customers. Therefore whether it’s gold wallpaper that adds attractiveness to your bathroom walls or black wallpaper that you want to use to decorate your dining room, you have plenty of options available. White contemporary wallpapers are used in Scandinavian modern lounges, but if someone wants a darker tone, then a purple-colored bedroom with light gray-colored bed and nightstand would be a good way to balance dark tones. These contemporary wallpapers can easily enhance the appearance of your living room, kids’ room, drawing room or, in short, your whole house. Some other wallpapers that are used for more modern-day styles (along with contemporary wallpapers) include:

Geometric Wallpaper


These wallpapers add an extra flair to a living room. It uses a repeating pattern of a specific shape, material or drawing. It is a type of wallpaper which adds consistency and uniformity to any room. They imbue a feeling of peace or discipline to a space. Therefore, if there is a room in your house whose design is chaotic, then geometric wallpaper can help balance it out.

Floral Wallpaper


Floral wallpaper has different themes, from forest scenes to tasteful floral artwork and leaf patterns. These types of wallpapers are perfect if you want to bring a piece of pure nature in your home. These wallpapers are a fantastic way to introduce green colors to a room if you cannot use real plants and flowers to decorate. These types of modern wallpapers are very popular with nature lovers.

Kids Wallpapers


In many homes, there is a separate room for kids. It’s nice to decorate their rooms with wallpapers that are specially constructed to reflect their age. Wallpapers for kids’ rooms are generally made up of different styles and colors, with many funny themes and color combinations available. Pink wallpapers along with geometric shapes are a good option for rooms for small girls. In case you are looking to design a room of your baby boy, then choosing a yellow themed floral wallpaper will brighten the room. Wallpapers with blue colors are also a popular choice for boys.

Wallpaper Tiles


These are a good option for renters or for someone who wants to decorate the walls of their rooms with little fuss or bother. These wallpapers do not get damaged easily and also do not damage walls, so they are a good option for people who like tile patterns in their home. These are a generally popular selection because they do not require much attention from the owner.

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Wallpaper Store

Wallpaper Store

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Wallpapers are very trendy these days, not just because of the beautiful patterns and versatile colors, but also because of the fact that they are very convenient for use in home renovations or just changing the look of the walls of your house. You can find a huge variety of sizes and shapes of wallpaper at your local Normandeau Window Coverings gallery – not what you’d expect for a wallpaper store, it’s true!

Generally, one sheet of wallpaper can cover an area of 36 square feet – but since walls come in many different dimensions, you’ll probably need to get it trimmed to suit your needs.

Innovation on new types and styles of wallpaper continues at a very fast pace, and both quality and apperance have come a long way. If you’re at a store and you’re not happy with the selection, try a few more places: there is a lot of variety available now, and someone like a specialty retailer is bound to have something that’s a perfect fit for your home.

Modern Style Wallpaper Calgary

There are different types of wallpaper: some require paste to attach them to your wall, and some are pre-pasted on the back. Prepasted wallpapers are preferred by installers because all they have to do is to remove the protective covering from the sheet and the wallpaper is ready to be used on the walls of your room. Not only are there different designs available in wallpaper stores, but continuous innovation in the field has lead to different materials as well.

Common wallpaper is the type where the installer has to apply glue to the back of the wallpaper in order to attach it to the walls. Without the help of wallpaper adhesive, you cannot attach these wallpapers to the wall. These wallpapers are classics, and not only provide elegance to your wall, but also add grace to your room. These wallpapers are generally used on walls where they are less likely to be worn or damaged: dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Foil wallpapers are made from different metal foils, are capable of creating a small, interesting area on the wall. Different patterns are printed on this foil to make them even more unique. Installers have to take extra care while attaching it because once these wallpapers are wrinkled or folded, the wallpaper is ruined and the look is completely spoiled. Foil wallpapers not only require great attention to detail while being attached – they also reveal the flaws of the wall behind them. They are best installed by a professional.

The popularity of vinyl wallpaper is increasing and very soon vinyl wallpaper will completely replace common wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers are available in any wallpaper store due to their popularity and you can get them home renovation shops too. You can use these wallpapers to jazz up nearly any wall in your home; even the kitchen, washrooms, and nurseries. A mildew-resistant material is often used in vinyl wallpaper. This wallpaper is both easy to use and durable as well – they can endure light scrubbing and exposure to moisture, which makes them great for kitchen and bathrooms.

Flock wallpaper is added to walls at the time of decoration. It is generally used in the formal areas of a house, such as dining room. They were originally made by pasting wool waste product on a sheet of the paper. These wallpapers are washable but there is a chance that they may get damaged if they are scrubbed or rubbed.

Fabric wallpapers are made from cloth and textiles. Working with fabric wallpaper isn’t easy! The main problem with fabric wallpapers is that it’s very hard to keep it from getting stained.

Grasscloth wallpaper’s popularity is on the rise as well. It is made from grasses which are woven together. Grasscloth wallpapers have very interesting designs and they are generally applied in kid’s rooms, but can go in any room in your house.

There are many types of wallpaper available in today’s market. These are available in a variety of designs and sizes, so there’s bound to be something that perfectly suits your needs.

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