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Purchasing from an ‘Independent’ versus a ‘Box Store’

Purchasing window coverings for your new or existing home can be a large investment in your time and money. There are many suppliers available that will happily sell you window coverings, but are you really getting what you need or want and actually getting the best value and price?

‘Box Stores’ may offer seemingly great deals, but there are risks involved in purchasing from them. Although they may carry a wide range of products, they do not necessarily have access to all the products that are available, or the highest quality of products available. They also may not have the expertise to advise you as to which product is suitable for your type and style of window nor understand your true needs for window coverings.

An ‘Independent’ window covering company has access to a wide range of quality products and has the training, knowledge and experience to ensure that the window coverings you choose are suitable for your windows. They will take the time and work closely with you in your home to determine your true needs – light control?, privacy?, both?. They can help you create and/or enhance the style of your home by choosing window coverings that are right for you.

In addition, service is a huge consideration – a “Box Store” will sell you window coverings and possibly install them for you, but what happens if something doesn’t fit or operate properly? Or if something goes wrong down the road? An “Independent” window covering company will ensure that your window coverings are properly measured so that they will fit, the installer will make sure that the product is operating properly once in place. And if anything happens to your window coverings down the road, you have the peace-of-mind knowing that it will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner.

So saying, not all ‘Independent’ window covering companies are the same – be sure to ask a lot of questions first:
• Are the Sales Consultants trained and certified?
• Are the Installers trained and certified?
• What is the product’s warranty and what does it include / not include?
• Is there a company service warranty to back up the product warranty?
• What is the cost to you for future service?
• Check out the company reviews and ask for referrals

Often a deal is not what it seems – by carefully choosing an ‘Independent’ window covering company, you will save yourself time and money, now and in the future.

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